01 Mar

One of the winning features of uPVC doors and windows is how low-maintenance they are. Generally speaking, these fixtures can withstand twenty-five or more years of use with nothing more than occasional cleanings with water and a mild detergent. While caring for uPVC might seem utterly fool-proof and even at times unnecessary, it helps to know the right way to provide the care that these fixtures need to live their fullest life as a part of your home. 

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your uPVC Doors & Windows

These tips will inform you of the best practices in uPVC door and window care. Keep these tips in mind when it’s time to spring clean your home! 

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools

Literally, all you need to clean uPVC is warm water and a mild soap. Avoid using products and cleaning tools that could damage the material, such as: 

  • Glass cleaner 
  • Metal cleaner 
  • Metal polish 
  • Scouring pads 
  • Bleach 

If the uPVC has any stubborn marks that warm, soapy water will not remove, you can purchase a specialized uPVC cleaner. This cleaner is designed for exactly this purpose and will not damage the material. 

Pay Attention to the Drainage Slots 

On the bottom of your uPVC doors and windows you will see drainage slots. These slots can become filled with debris, as can the inside of the sashes. Make sure to check for and clear these slots of any debris fairly regularly. 

Mind Your Glass 

Of course, glass needs to be cleaned every now and then – or even more often. There are two layers of glass on uPVC windows and doors: the internal glass and the external glass. 

The external glass should be cleaned every couple of months, or more often if it seems to get smudged and dirty frequently. Simply use warm, soapy water (like you use to clean the uPVC) to clean the glass and then follow up with a non-smearing glass cleaner. Don’t use abrasive materials when cleaning the glass. Stick to soft cloths or paper towels. 

Internal glass is cleaned very much in the same way as the external glass, though you may find yourself having to clean it much more often. 

Keep this information in mind when you get your new uPVC door or window installed. By practicing proper care techniques, you can have these fixtures working excellently for your home for decades.